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Ginger Floss by Dara Sekurun



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120 gm

Net Weight:

80 gm


Ginger, salt, sugar, cooking oil


HALAL (JAKIM), MESTI (MOH), Made in Malaysia (KPDNHEP)

Shelf Life:

1 year (if not open & kept in dark and dry place, room temperature)

Jenis: Ready-To-Eat

Why Dara Sekurun Ginger Floss?

•    Premium quality.
•    Contains 100% ginger.
•    Using regular ginger, so it is not spicy.
•    Fried using new high quality cooking oil.
•    Original flavor of ginger. No addition of chili, blackpepper or anchovies.
•    The texture is very flossy like chicken/beef/fish floss.
•    No addition of preservatives, colorings, MSG and most importantly the product is not oily at all.
•    Suitable for vegetarian
•    The best confinement food for mothers.
•    As an alternative for those who dislike the flavor of raw ginger. This is a fun, easy and delicious alternative for those who wish to obtain the health benefit of ginger. 
Can be used as a condiments or used as a cooking ingredients. Can be eaten with plain rice, porridge, sticky rice, soup, steam fish/chicken, salad, vegetable dishes, confinement food, healthy diet, Chinese style cooking and many more. Just use your creativity.
When not open: Keep in room temperature. The best is to be stored in dark and dry place like inside the kitchen cabinet.
Once open: Makesure it is close tightly and keep in room temperature. To be finished within 2 months.